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Dairy Crest announces it is holding its milk price at 29.9 ppl for May 2019

Dairy Crest announces that it will again hold the milk price it pays to its Davidstow farmers at 29.9ppl* for May 2019. This has been agreed with Dairy Crest Direct (DCD).

“We recognise the importance of giving our farmers stability so this is the fourth consecutive month that our milk price has been at 29.9ppl,” said Chris Thomson, Group Procurement Director at Dairy Crest.

“Earlier this month, our Executive Board met with our Davidstow farmers during our annual farmer meetings. As the expansion at Davidstow progresses and we continue with the transition to the new milk pricing schedule, we recognise the importance of keeping our farmers informed and being available to answer any questions. We were pleased with the high turnout and level of engagement from our farmers.”

DCD Chairman, Steve Bone, said, “Dairy Crest Direct appreciates the confidence that this continuing stability brings to our members.”

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* Manufacturing standard litre milk prices as published in

For further information please contact:

Chris Thomson, Group Procurement Director                       01372 472447

About Dairy Crest

Dairy Crest is the leading British-owned dairy company. Our main consumer brands are Cathedral City, Clover, Country Life and Frylight. We work with some 330 farmers in the South West.

Dairy Crest also manufactures demineralised whey powder and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), a lactose-based prebiotic, both widely used in infant formula.