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Demineralised whey

Premium quality, consistent and fully traceable

Did you know?

$55b Value of global infant formula market
100% 100% Fully traceable back to milk source
90% 90% of the minerals are removed

What is demineralised whey?

Whey is the by-product from the cheese-making process. We remove 90% of the minerals to make a key ingredient for infant formula products


We can follow each batch of our whey all the way back to the farm which supplied the milk to produce it, giving us unrivalled traceability


For any enquiries about our demineralised whey, contact us on +44 (0)1372 472195

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Management Team

Management Team
Our company is led by an experienced team


Our farmers are central to everything that we do. Read about how we work together

Packaging Commitment

Packaging Commitment
We aim to reduce the impacts of our supply chain on the environment