Dairy Crest announces Clover now has absolutely no artificial ingredients


Clover knows that we are all looking for healthier, natural and balanced diet options that still taste great. Therefore, Clover is on a mission to win back British families who have been falling out of love with spreads, by delivering a recipe with absolutely no artificial ingredients and a delicious buttery taste that families love. 

With half the saturated fat of butter and simply made with buttermilk, Clover is the perfect ingredient to add flavour to your family meals. Clover offers an everyday spread for all occasions: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and treats and is suitable for spreading, cooking, baking, freezing and frying on a low to medium heat.

 Why not make Clover part of your family meal time?

  • Kids love mashed potato – for a healthy twist, try using sweet potato on its own or in combination with regular potatoes. Mash with Clover for a delicious teatime treat
  • Melt a small teaspoon of Clover over your vegetables to make them super-delicious. For carrots, mix the melted Clover with a drizzle of runny honey
  • Use cake cutters to make sandwiches more fun – and always spread a little Clover on both sides of the bread. For a warm toastie, spread a little Clover on top for a crispy, tasty finish
  • Homemade pancakes are a fun and easy weekend treat. Use Clover to coat the pan