George Osborne visits Dairy Crest in Davidstow


The Chancellor visited Dairy Crest’s award-winning creamery in Davidstow, North Cornwall yesterday. The site is the home of Cathedral City, the UK’s number one cheddar brand.

Mr Osborne heard about the growth of Cathedral City, now a £270 million brand which can be found in over half the nation’s fridges and the positive impact the brand’s growth has had on the region’s economy.

The Chancellor said:

“Dairy Crest is a prime example of a company which is helping to boost the UK economy. Companies like this create jobs and sell British goods all around the world."

Mark Allen, Dairy Crest’s CEO showed the Chancellor around the construction site for the new £45 million whey plant. Construction is now well underway on the new plant which will manufacture demineralised whey powder for which there is rising global demand, particularly in China. The investment will allow Dairy Crest to remove minerals from the whey, producing the base ingredient for infant formula.

Commenting on the visit Mark Allen thanked the Chancellor for finding time in his busy schedule:

"I was delighted to show George Osborne around our Davidstow site - it exemplifies everything we are trying to do with our business through growing market-leading brands such as Cathedral City and planning for future export-led growth with the whey investment."