Dairy Crest launches new FRijj packaging


FRijj, the UK’s number one flavoured milk brand from Dairy Crest, has undergone a packaging refresh and logo reinvigoration across its core range of 471ml packs this October.

The new design reflects the FRijj brand identity of ‘full on fun and enjoyment’.

The range also showcases new product names including ‘Full-on Fudge Brownie’, ‘Choc-a Chocolate’ and ‘Mucho Cookie Dough’, creating individual personalities for each flavour variant that will be brought to life by the brand over the course of 2015.

The packaging refresh also heralds the relaunch of FRijj Cookie Dough with an improved recipe, which will be signalled on pack with a flash to alert shoppers.

Commenting on the new pack designs, Laura Sheard, Head of Marketing, Dairy Drinks, says:

"We are excited to be rolling out a new look packaging and logo, which we feel are now more representative of the exciting, thick, great tasting milkshake inside each bottle. The creation of new personalities for each flavour variant will highlight the FRijj brand’s fun-loving identity and attract new shoppers to the brand.

We have also improved the recipe of our Cookie Dough recipe, having listened to feedback from our consumers that they found it a little bland. The FRijj brand doesn’t do bland, so we have ramped up the taste of Cookie Dough, tested various recipes and have landed on one that delivers great flavour impact."

Dairy Crest will be rolling-out the new packaging and logo to its Supreme range early in 2015.