We provide a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace that offers employees the opportunity to grow

At Saputo Dairy UK we continually work to improve the excellent safety record we have achieved. We engage with our people and fully utilise their expertise. We are developing our approach to Diversity and Inclusion to strengthen our skill base and we continue to develop our people to drive our business forward.

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Employee Engagement

To survey the organisation regularly and achieve increasing employee engagement.To provide our colleagues with the opportunity to invest in our company.

92% of colleagues participated in the 2018 employee survey. We saw improvements across all categories, notably in leadership, communicating with employees and involving our teams in problem solving and improving work practices.


reduction in Total Accident Rate

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Holistic Approach to Health and Safety

To target a 50% reduction in accident/ incident rate by 2021/22. Scope of wellbeing checks extended to include mental health with year-on-year increase in the proportion of employees attending voluntary consultations.

We have achieved two full financial years without a reportable accident. We are also developing our approach to mental wellbeing and are improving management awareness and mental health training for employees.

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Diversity and Inclusion

To develop employment policies and working practices that encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We have been working on fully refreshing our employment policies and working practices to focus our diversity and inclusion efforts on addressing talent needs, improving insight and understanding, developing a high performance culture and role modelling and embedding our values.

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Employee Development

Every business-critical role to have a clear succession plan in place drawing on internal and external talent. Develop policies to retain high potential employees and those with specialist skills.

An important emphasis this year has been on embedding the management development programme which was rolled out last year. 97% of attendees felt their leadership skills had improved as a result of the programme.