Vitalite helps you live your life deliciously dairy free!

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Living life without compromise!

Whether you enjoy Vitalite spread on toast, melted over vegetables or whipped into a cake, we passionately believe that being dairy free shouldn’t mean having to compromise!

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@vitalite Did you know you can freeze your favourite dairy-free spread? ⛄ If you’re struggling for space in the fridge, you can freeze Vitalite before the date mark on pack, defrost in the fridge & consume within 2 weeks of thawing! ❄ #dairyfree #goodtoknow #iceolation Follow us
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Love Vitalite

Made with a blend of sustainable oils, Vitalite lets you enjoy the creamy taste of a spread without any of the dairy, gluten or soya. Even better, it’s a great source of Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E!