We are a leading manufacturer of branded foods and added-value ingredients. We were acquired by Saputo in April 2019 and subsequently rebranded as Saputo Dairy UK

2022 - Launch of Cathedral City Plant Based 

Cathedral City Plant Based crafted to bring a mature cheddar flavour dairy free alternative to cheese

2021 - Acquisition of Wensleydale 

Saputo acquires Wensleydale Creamery which manufactures, blends, markets and distributes a variety of specialty and regional cheeses, including Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese

2021 - Bute Island Foods Acquired

Saputo acquires Bute Island Foods - an innovative manufacturer, marketer and distributor of a variety of dairy alternative cheese products 

2020 - Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme launched

Partnering with TerraCycle, Cathedral City launches the first Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme, enabling consumers to recycle their cheese packaging and help raise money for good causes

2019 - Acquired by Saputo

Dairy Crest acquired by Saputo, one of the top ten dairy processors in the world. Marking this major milestone in the Company's development, Dairy Crest is rebranded as Saputo Dairy UK

2018 - Major expansion announced 

Multi-million pound investment announced to increase cheese production capacity at Davidstow creamery, improve environmental credentials and enhance packaging capabilities

2016 - Functional Ingredients business launched

Dairy Crest begins to produce demineralised whey and prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides as ingredients for the global infant formula market

2016 - Innovation Centre opens 

HRH Princess Royal opens the Dairy Crest Innovation Centre on the Harper Adams University campus. This unique collaboration embeds research scientists in one of the country's top agricultural colleges

2015 - Sale of Dairies business completes 

The transformational sale of its Dairies business, including milk&more, to Müller enables Dairy Crest to reposition itself as a branded, high growth company

2011 - Frylight acquired

Dairy Crest acquires MH Foods which manufactures Frylight, the one calorie cooking spray 

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2010 - Expansion of National Distribution Centre 

Dairy Crest expands its National Distribution Centre in Nuneaton to house state of the art cheese cutting and packing halls. The facility is also used as a cheese maturation store 

2004 - Davidstow Creamery expansion 

A major expansion of the Davidstow creamery completes, increasing Dairy Crest's cheddar-making capacity to around 50,000 tonnes per annum 

2002 - St Ivel Spreads business acquired 

The acquisition of the St Ivel Spreads business brings the Vitalite and Utterly Butterly brands to Dairy Crest's portfolio 

1999 - National Distribution Centre opens

Dairy Crest builds a state of the art distribution centre at Nuneaton in Warwickshire 

1996 - Dairy Crest goes public 

Dairy Crest begins life as a public company as it starts trading on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker DCG

1995 - Cathedral City 

Dairy Crest acquires outright ownership of Cathedral City cheddar which goes on to become the Nation's favourite cheese brand

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1983 - Clover production begins

Dairy Crest begins to produce Clover, a spread churned with buttermilk to taste like butter

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1980 - Dairy Crest the brand 

The Milk Marketing Board's milk processing operation is made into a separate division called Dairy Crest. The division is the buyer of last resort for all surplus raw milk, ensuring that all milk producers have a buyer for their milk

1979 - Davidstow creamery acquired

The Milk Marketing Board enlarges its cheese making facilities by purchasing the Davidstow creamery in Cornwall

1970 - Country Life

The English Butter Marketing Company Ltd, a dairy trade consortium founded to promote the sale of English butter, launches Country Life 

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1960's - A brand is born 

The Milk Marketing Board finds itself with 70-80 million gallons of milk left over every year. It uses this to manufacture butter and cheese for the retail and catering markets and brands the products 'Dairy Crest'

1934 - "The Cheese Board" 

A moment of crisis soon after its inception, when a large buyer cancelled its contract, leads to the Milk Marketing Board manufacturing the milk into cheese

1933 - Milk Marketing Board

The British Government responds to a severe economic depression by creating a "producer-run product marketing board" to buy and market milk from hard-pressed dairy farmers